Artwork File Prep

SUBMITTING FILES There are two types of files – Raster and Vector.  A raster file typically comes from Photoshop or another graphics program.  Vector files typically come from Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw and AutoCad.  If you are using a raster program please design the files at 100 dpi (or larger) at FINAL SIZE. If you are using a Vector program please provide us with your document set up to its final size (1:1 scale).

Programs and the best file formats to send us:

  • Adobe Illustrator – AI or EPS, include all linked images and fonts or convert type to outlines.  Raster images should be LINKED, not embedded. If they are embedded, we will not be able to make adjustments to the file.
  • Adobe Photoshop – TIF or PSD, layered preferred with no compression.
  • Adobe Indesign – INDD, include all linked images and fonts or convert type to outlines package.
  • Quark – QXP, include all linked images and fonts, collect for output.
  • PDF – these files are acceptable, however we may be unable to correct colors or make type changes. PDFs should be saved as Press Quality or PDFX1A.

SENDING US YOUR FILES FTPftp.brilliantgraphicsgroup.com.

  • If you need acess for FTP login please call 413-442-4200
  • or email: info@brilliantgraphicsgroup.com
    Please zip your files.

Email – if the files are small you can attach them to your email, but please limit file size to 10 mb per email.

RULES FOR FILES All PMS color matches must be identified in the files, and must be COATED colors.  PMS colors will be matched or convert to CMYK. All other spot colors need to be converted to process colors.

DIGITAL DIE CUTTING A vector die line is needed to cut a custom path. Create die lines in a vector based program, such as Illustrator or InDesign, provide the die line on its own layer named “Through Cut.”

PRINTING WHITE INK We have the capability of printing spot white. If you have a need for this capability, please call us for instructions on setting up your file.